Travelogue: Idaho

In this episode, we visit the “Potato State”, which is as marvelous as it is geographically diverse!

We start our adventure off in Preston, home of the High School from “Napoleon Dynamite.” We then cruise on down to Twin Falls to do some 1st-person POV Base Jumping with Hank Priester, we round out the trip in Northern Idaho trying to tackle a giant sundae and some finger picking bluesgrass lessons with “Flatpick Earl.”
Now go out there and explore!


Travelogue: Hawaiian Islands

Our experiences traveling throughout the Hawaiian Islands were unforgettable….
Here are just a few snippets, as we investigate and pet some seahorses in Kona on “the Big Island,” go cliff diving and plant -ouching in Maui, go Ziplining and “Jurassic Park-ing” in Kauai, and most incredibly, take part in the Hawaii Floating Lantern Ceremony of Oahu.

Enjoy your life, it’s not a dress rehearsal!


Travelogue: The Left Coast

In this episode, we visit some interesting places along the 101 HWY of Washington State.
Beginning in the town of Westport, we see the Pacific Coast’s “Tallest Lighthouse,” built in the late 1800’s. A volunteer lighthouse keeper and his wife show us around the Gray’s Harbor Lighthouse, and explain the advances in Lighthouse technology over the last hundred years.
Next, we scoot on up to the town of Sequim, WA and see the “Olympic Game Farm.” CARnage ensues.
Finally, I stop off in one of the most 70’s-90’s Nostalgia capitals of the entire planet, Don Sucher’s “Star Wars Store” in Aberdeen. He tells me about the time that Princess Leia gave him a tattoo… Sure, why not?


Travelogue: the Orange County

This is the Travelogue episode that took the longest to make… Five years to be exact! There is footage in this episode that never made it into my very first episode ever!
In this action-packed episode, I visit my brother-from-another-mother Rick Apodaca, Owner of “the Tiki Monster” Soda Emporium of Stanton, CA. His shop is filled with soda curiosities and friendly folks! Check him out and SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES of Orange County!
Later I hang out at Golf n’ Stuff in Norwalk, where I talk a lady into letting me “borrow a club to shoot just one hole.” I also geek out just a bit because of the “Karate Kid” references there.
Also, I fulfill a lifelong goal for this series, and shoot inside of a Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant!
What fun, free things there are to do in Orange County if you just open your eyes to your neighborhood!


Travelogue: Myanmar

From the “World of the Travelogue” (a group of inspiring videos, made by personal friends, current and former contributors to #TheTravelogue), comes this awe-inspiring video from Myanmar made by Season One: San Francisco guest Chris Brosz.
Featuring gorgeous landscapes, bizarre food rituals, and friendly smiling faces, Chris explores this newly-opened-to-tourism Country with passion and curiousity. All of the qualities we love in a good “Traveloguer.”
There is a great big world outside of our four walls. Let’s get out there and see what we can discover.


Travelogue 025: Florida

Come on and check out a side of Florida that you’ve never heard of before.. It’ll be a gas!

In this episode, we visit some Manatees living in their wild, natural habitat near Crystal River Springs! They sure do love to play and Wrassle! Also, we poke around Seaside, which is the town that doubled as the backdrop for “Seahaven” in “The Truman Show.” Then, it’s on to McGuire’s Irish Pub in Destin, for a look at $1.8 Million worth of one dollar bills! After… Well, just hang around and see!

Get out and “Explore MORE in Twenty-One Four”!


Travelogue 024: Northwest Oregon

In this episode, I go to “The Peculiarium” and eat bugs. I also eat a whole, blackened pig and some sturgeon.

Also, I check out Multnomah Falls and The Astoria Column..

Come along for the ride, I mean really, what else are you doing for the next nine minutes?



Travelogue Iceland: Part 1

From the world of “The Travelogue,” I graciously present to you another offering apart from my own travels. This time around, some wild American adventurers named John and Laura Frazier take us on their journey through Iceland in this THREE PART mini-series…
It was put together in a very familiar style to my other Travelogue episodes… I wonder why?!