Travelogue: Idaho

In this episode, we visit the “Potato State”, which is as marvelous as it is geographically diverse!

We start our adventure off in Preston, home of the High School from “Napoleon Dynamite.” We then cruise on down to Twin Falls to do some 1st-person POV Base Jumping with Hank Priester, we round out the trip in Northern Idaho trying to tackle a giant sundae and some finger picking bluesgrass lessons with “Flatpick Earl.”
Now go out there and explore!


Travelogue: the Orange County

This is the Travelogue episode that took the longest to make… Five years to be exact! There is footage in this episode that never made it into my very first episode ever!
In this action-packed episode, I visit my brother-from-another-mother Rick Apodaca, Owner of “the Tiki Monster” Soda Emporium of Stanton, CA. His shop is filled with soda curiosities and friendly folks! Check him out and SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES of Orange County!
Later I hang out at Golf n’ Stuff in Norwalk, where I talk a lady into letting me “borrow a club to shoot just one hole.” I also geek out just a bit because of the “Karate Kid” references there.
Also, I fulfill a lifelong goal for this series, and shoot inside of a Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant!
What fun, free things there are to do in Orange County if you just open your eyes to your neighborhood!


Travelogue 026: Kentucky

In this episode of #TheTravelogue we take you just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati into the North Kentucky suburbs for some “real life is stranger than fiction” kinds of stories.

First off, we visit Vent Haven Museum, which is an “open by appointment only” place which features over 800 “Ventriloquial Figures”… to the layperson, they’re just called “Dummies.” The enthusiasm of ventriloquists and their supporters was completely not on my radar prior to my visit… Frankly, I had mostly only attributed talking dolls to slightly disturbing images within the horror genre (The Twilight Zone, Pinocchio’s Revenge, and the Child’s Play Movies).
Regardless, I found Vent Haven’s Lisa and Tom to be charming, insightful and the location to be just an all-around lovely place! Many props have to go out to my new Cincinnati friends Sarah and Jake Allspaw, who helped come along for the journey. In their words, “We have lived here our entire lives and had no idea this place existed!”
Later, I check out the North Kentucky Gambling Museum and meet Larry Trapp. He gives me a slice of life story about coming into his “gambling collection” and lets me stand on “X’s where people were murdered.”

There is something interesting and unique in every city in America… Get out there and discover it. It will enrich you and put a smile on more than one person’s face. What could be a better reason than that?

Jason and #TheTravelogue


Travelogue 025: Florida

Come on and check out a side of Florida that you’ve never heard of before.. It’ll be a gas!

In this episode, we visit some Manatees living in their wild, natural habitat near Crystal River Springs! They sure do love to play and Wrassle! Also, we poke around Seaside, which is the town that doubled as the backdrop for “Seahaven” in “The Truman Show.” Then, it’s on to McGuire’s Irish Pub in Destin, for a look at $1.8 Million worth of one dollar bills! After… Well, just hang around and see!

Get out and “Explore MORE in Twenty-One Four”!


Travelogue Iceland: Part 3

From the world of “The Travelogue,” I graciously present to you another offering apart from my own travels. This time around, some wild American adventurers named John and Laura Frazier take us on their journey through Iceland in this THREE PART mini-series… Here’s Part Three! the ending has been described as very “Before Sunrise.” What do YOU think?


Travelogue Iceland: Part 2

From the world of “The Travelogue,” I graciously present to you another offering apart from my own travels. This time around, some wild American adventurers named John and Laura Frazier take us on their journey through Iceland in this THREE PART mini-series… Here’s Part TWO! Check out that Hot Springs!


Travelogue: Japan

In the True Spirit of making #thetravelogue ‘s concept a reality, my boy Chris Brosz (a guest Star on “Episode 003: San Francisco”) contributes this week’s episode, all the way from Japan.
I love that Chris’ editing style excels in areas which I do not: Fast paced, fun, and romantic, this Travelogue really makes me want to get across the Ocean and see what he sees first hand!

Keep exploring your world, whether it’s 2,500 miles from your home, or 2,500 inches! It’s all fun!


Travelogue 023: Wyoming

Welcome to Wyoming, whose State Motto, interestingly, is “Equal Rights.” I don’t know why. I didn’t know that when I was there. I just looked it up right now, Seriously… Just now.
This state is quite dynamic, despite its square appearance, and in this crazy episode, I find a rancher who decided it would be a good idea to dig up all of his crops (think “Field of Dreams”) and stick a school bus, a camper, and a plane hull three stories underneath his farm. He named it “Buryville.” If you see one thing in Wyoming, this needs to be it.
Also, we check out an abandoned State Park/Roadside Attraction called “Hell’s Half Acre.” It is breathtaking and also used as the film location for many movies that need something “foreign planet looking.” You’ll see why, when you check it out.
Lastly, Strawberries burn my mouth.. Figure that one out.
Keep exploring, there’s something amazing hidden right under your nose (or in this case, under your sculpture of a spring cowboy riding an oil drum horse)….



Travelogue 022: The Alaskan Bush

Welcome to SEASON THREE my web-series, “The Travelogue,” which takes you to all of the places in America that you never knew you needed to see!
In this episode, I head to some remote areas of the Great State of Alaska and see some amazing attractions!
– I stop in for a chat with the Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, Stubbs. He’s a swell guy who has been holding his position as mayor of the town for over 16 years!
– I visit Santa’s Workshop in the REAL North Pole, Alaska. If you have ever written a letter to Santa C/O the North Pole, this is the very place that your letters would be delivered AND responded to!
– Ever wondered what one of those exotic “Ice Hotels” in Norway would be like on the inside? Well, you don’t have to travel all the way to Europe to find out, as I visit Chena Hot Springs’ Ice Museum / Hotel just one hour Northeast of Fairbanks.
– My boys Shawn Pomrenke and Cody Moen from Discovery TV’s “Bering Sea Gold” take me four-wheeling on the frozen Pacific Ocean in Nome, Alaska… Watch out though, things don’t quite go as planned!
Now just because I went to Alaska this episode, you shouldn’t be saying to yourself, “Oh I’ll never be able to do that.”
Adventures are around every corner… especially in your own backyard. You can explore your community and the oddities within the United States no matter what age you are, how much money you have, or how extroverted you are. Now get out of your chair and make one of these for yourself!



Travelogue 021: Bremerton, Washington

In this episode, I travel to Bremerton, Washington… Home of the band MxPx. They have been a band for over 20 years! They are incredibly cool guys.
Lead singer Mike Herrera takes us on a tour of his “Monkey Trench Studios”, then I get some interesting historical tidbits about the band’s first release from some cool people. Finally, I fulfill a lifelong dream, and get to rehearse with the band as they prepare for tour.

Life’s a great ride, so enjoy it. While your at it, check out some of my other adventures… or better yet, go live some of your own!