Travelogue 023: Wyoming

Welcome to Wyoming, whose State Motto, interestingly, is “Equal Rights.” I don’t know why. I didn’t know that when I was there. I just looked it up right now, Seriously… Just now.
This state is quite dynamic, despite its square appearance, and in this crazy episode, I find a rancher who decided it would be a good idea to dig up all of his crops (think “Field of Dreams”) and stick a school bus, a camper, and a plane hull three stories underneath his farm. He named it “Buryville.” If you see one thing in Wyoming, this needs to be it.
Also, we check out an abandoned State Park/Roadside Attraction called “Hell’s Half Acre.” It is breathtaking and also used as the film location for many movies that need something “foreign planet looking.” You’ll see why, when you check it out.
Lastly, Strawberries burn my mouth.. Figure that one out.
Keep exploring, there’s something amazing hidden right under your nose (or in this case, under your sculpture of a spring cowboy riding an oil drum horse)….