Travelogue: Hawaiian Islands

Our experiences traveling throughout the Hawaiian Islands were unforgettable….
Here are just a few snippets, as we investigate and pet some seahorses in Kona on “the Big Island,” go cliff diving and plant -ouching in Maui, go Ziplining and “Jurassic Park-ing” in Kauai, and most incredibly, take part in the Hawaii Floating Lantern Ceremony of Oahu.

Enjoy your life, it’s not a dress rehearsal!


Travelogue: The Left Coast

In this episode, we visit some interesting places along the 101 HWY of Washington State.
Beginning in the town of Westport, we see the Pacific Coast’s “Tallest Lighthouse,” built in the late 1800’s. A volunteer lighthouse keeper and his wife show us around the Gray’s Harbor Lighthouse, and explain the advances in Lighthouse technology over the last hundred years.
Next, we scoot on up to the town of Sequim, WA and see the “Olympic Game Farm.” CARnage ensues.
Finally, I stop off in one of the most 70’s-90’s Nostalgia capitals of the entire planet, Don Sucher’s “Star Wars Store” in Aberdeen. He tells me about the time that Princess Leia gave him a tattoo… Sure, why not?


Travelogue 026: Kentucky

In this episode of #TheTravelogue we take you just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati into the North Kentucky suburbs for some “real life is stranger than fiction” kinds of stories.

First off, we visit Vent Haven Museum, which is an “open by appointment only” place which features over 800 “Ventriloquial Figures”… to the layperson, they’re just called “Dummies.” The enthusiasm of ventriloquists and their supporters was completely not on my radar prior to my visit… Frankly, I had mostly only attributed talking dolls to slightly disturbing images within the horror genre (The Twilight Zone, Pinocchio’s Revenge, and the Child’s Play Movies).
Regardless, I found Vent Haven’s Lisa and Tom to be charming, insightful and the location to be just an all-around lovely place! Many props have to go out to my new Cincinnati friends Sarah and Jake Allspaw, who helped come along for the journey. In their words, “We have lived here our entire lives and had no idea this place existed!”
Later, I check out the North Kentucky Gambling Museum and meet Larry Trapp. He gives me a slice of life story about coming into his “gambling collection” and lets me stand on “X’s where people were murdered.”

There is something interesting and unique in every city in America… Get out there and discover it. It will enrich you and put a smile on more than one person’s face. What could be a better reason than that?

Jason and #TheTravelogue


Travelogue 014: Utah Part Two

I explore some of the most strange, and some of the most commercial parts of Southern Utah. From the “Abandoned” Little Hollywood Movie Set in Kanab, Utah to the “High School Musical 2” film locations in Saint George, we sure find out how commercially viable this area is for movie makers.
Oh, and don’t forget my short stop in at Lance’s Antiques in Orderville, Utah, proclaiming itself to be “One of the CHEAPEST Antique Shops in the USA.” We’ll see if you agree.
As an interesting aside, the tiny town of Orderville was originally established by Brigham Young as a planned “United Order” community… an idea founded in roots of Communism, where everyone in the town contributes equally and lives communally, without divided incomes. Orderville, and its residences experienced one of the most successful runs of this “Ordered” style of government, and continued it long after the Church’s sanction had ceased.
As a guy like Lance WOULD say, “There ain’t nothin’ special.”