Travelogue 019: North Western Washington

One thing about the State of Washington that I’ve gotta give it.. It has a LOT of diversity. That’s why there will have to be more than one episode dedicated to the Evergreen State.
In this episode, we take you to the world-renowned “Skagit Valley Tulip Festival” near Mount Vernon, WA. It is a breathtaking spectacle that I recommend everyone see at least once in their lifetime.
After the pretty things are over, we get a brief education on “Exclaves” from a random Canadian hitchhiker that we picked up near a golf course. Then we visit a pleasant little boutique wine emporium called “The Liberty” located in Washington’s very-own exclave, Point Roberts, WA.
We wrap up this tidy little episode with a trip to the “Outback Kangaroo Farm” somewhere outside of Arlington, WA.
Enjoy your life, and keep exploring!


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