Travelogue 010: Alaska Part One

It’s time to conclude “Travelogue: Season 1” with one of my favorite spots: The Last Frontier. I’ve been traveling to Alaska at least twice a year since around 2007. I’ve made many great memories and friends up there…
Come along and see what Santa’s Reindeer keep busy doing in their off-season (Hint: Some regrow their antlers, and some end up “In The Bowl”)..
Who’s up for a game of “Midnight Golf”?
I also check out Seward’s phenomenal “Exit Glacier,” which you can literally walk right up to and touch! Also, the mountain in the picture preview is the legendary Mt. Mckinley (Denali, as the locals call it), the tallest mountain in the North American Continent at 20,335 Ft. tall.. This is the view of it from sea level!


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